Author: Eric Gee

Kaitlin and Mark

Kaitlin and Mark were the ultimate troopers on this super rainy day!  We knew the rain was coming all week and they prepared accordingly!  Armed with our umbrellas, we hit the Morton Arboretum for a gorgeous reveal.  Once the rain came, do you think it slowed us down?  Not a chance!  Well…..not until the rain […]

April and Sam

If it feels like a lot of my photos this year have been at the Byron Colby Barn….it’s because they have!  Five of my first seven weddings are here, and each of them are beautiful.  This one is no different!  We had a wonderful 65 degree day for April and Sam’s lovely wedding.  Lots of sunshine […]

Casey and Mikey – Byron Colby Barn

Casey and Mikey had such a beautiful day at the Byron Colby Barn.  The sun was shining and we had a cool breeze blowing Casey’s beautiful veil into the wind.  The only thing missing for the day was a Cubs victory….but at least Mikey was rocking that hat!

Heidi and Adam – Room 1520

Heidi and Adam had the wildest wedding I’ve EVER shot!  These guys were ready to party!  Heidi looked amazing in her dress and all the locations she picked to shoot at were awesome.  What an emotion-filled day!  From the beautiful church, to the wild party bus, to the touching speeches at the end of the […]

Meg and Cait – Byron Colby Barn

What a beautiful day at the Byron Colby Barn!  Perfect for a beautiful couple to have a beautiful wedding.  This was serious the CUTEST reveal I’ve ever done.  Meg and Cait were so beautiful together and so excited to see each other.  What an amazing day and an amazing couple!

Carolin and Minor

50 degree day in December?  I’ll take it!  We hit up Lincoln Park Zoo on a gorgeous-for-December Saturday and then took a stroll around Trump Tower to finish off the day.  Carolin and Minor were great to work with and were so happy together!  Carolin just couldn’t stop smiling the entire day!